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Connection. Collaboration. Education

Edvision seeks to landscape activity and foster meaningful connections in the Education sector and thus enable co-ordination and collaboration in advancing education possibilities in South Africa.

This special release of Edvision, developed together with National Association of Implementors (NASCEE) seeks to support the education sectors response to the COVID19 pandemic. Edvision’s current aim is to raise awareness of activities in progress and foster connections and collaborations so that the response is co-ordinated and well structured

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What is edvision?

Edvision is a unique platform that provides a bird’s-eye view of who’s doing what in education in South Africa. The platform provides the opportunity for organisations that want to support education, and those that implement projects in education, to connect. It’s a space where businesses, NGOs, government entities, foundations and other entities with an interest in education can find each other, see what everyone else is up to and make connections, thus equipping them to make an active, additive difference in education for the ultimate benefit of learners.

By bringing these stakeholders and details of their involvement into one space, Edvision aims to illustrate the full education landscape, so users can identify gaps and highlight opportunities for collaboration, with the goal of achieving improved learner outcomes across the board.

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Edvision is passionate about supporting quality learner outcomes for all South Africans. We aim to connect stakeholders in the education sector and promote and enable efficient networking, collaboration and coordination across a wide spectrum of donors, implementers and education practitioners. We do this by providing data on who is doing what, where, through an intuitive user-friendly search capability, in order to enable decision-makers to make more impactful investments of time, resources, energy and funding.

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How edvision works


Companies, trusts, foundations, etc. who have resources specifically earmarked for the education sector. Donors input data around their organisation as well as their funding strategies


Organisations that require assistance to run particular projects on the ground. Implementers input data regarding their organisation and the projects that they run.


Are individual or collaborative projects or interventions that are carefully planned to achieve a particular outcome. Projects are led and directed by Implementors

The Edvision story

In 2017 a group of RMB leaders was tasked with envisioning a social development project that would have a significant impact on nation-building.

In conversation it emerged that RMB makes significant investments in education, aligned to the goals of the FirstRand CSI and Empowerment Foundations. What appeared to be lacking was coordination, sharing and investing within an ecosystem.

The group of colleagues wondered if by gathering all the data and presenting it in a coherent picture, they would help to solve this problem. The RMB Board supported this line of thinking and so the seed of Edvision started to grow. A team of passionate RMB staff was then appointed to build on the concept and make the vision into a reality. In it’s research, the team validated the hypothesis that there is very little universally accessible data on the entire education landscape and all the amazing work that is currently happening. That is where they thought RMB could play a positive role by building a platform that connects everyone who is invested in education.

Before work on the actual platform began, the team gathered input and insights from numerous stakeholders – NGOs, government, businesses and more – to ensure that the project would address the needs of everyone in the ecosystem and achieve it’s objectives.

The result is an innovative, custom-built online platform that literally shows the big picture when it comes to education in South Africa.

Our roadmap

Edvision is currently in a pilot phase with a small, closed community of users. The aim of the pilot is to prove the visionary concept of the platform as well as test the appropriateness of the user journeys.

Edvision was due to be launched in mid 2020. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, RMB has worked with NASCEE to repurpose Edvision - in its current format - to landscape the education sector’s response to the pandemic. The intention is to set out who is doing what related to education and COVID19, thereby supporting a coordinated and structured response.

This version of Edvision will be ring-fenced and access controlled to ensure that it is only used for this specific purpose

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