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About edvision

edvision is passionate about supporting quality learner outcomes for all South Africans. We aim to connect stakeholders in the education sector and promote and enable efficient networking, collaboration and coordination across a wide spectrum of donors, implementors and education practitioners. We do this by providing data on who is doing what, where, through an intuitive user-friendly search capability, in order to enable decision-makers to make more impactful investments of time, resources, energy and funding.

We believe that one of the challenges in the South African education sector is that of an inefficient market - how the funding is invested and how participants work together to deliver quality learning outcomes. As an intermediary, banks play the role of connecting the suppliers of capital with the demand for capital in the economy. RMB hopes to add value to the education system by applying our knowledge of efficient markets and our role as an intermediary in the economy to help address some of the challenges faced by the education sector in South Africa.